Tartan Love @ Forbidden Butterfly

Forbidden Butterfly wants to start the new year off with even more amazing looks! First off we offer you our Tartan Dress Collection! It’s fun, its fresh and will be up on Marketplace for sale soon!! Here is a sneak peak of what is coming to Marketplace very soon!

FB - Purple Tartan Turtle Neck Dress

FB - Violet Tartan Turtle Neck Dress

FB - Red Tartan Turtle Neck Dress

FB - Pink Tartan Turtle Neck Dress

FB - Teal Tartan Turtle Neck Dress

FB - Blue Tartan Turtle Neck Dress

Elen is smart & Sexy.

Elen is one of the newer dress lines that is casual, sexy and comfortable. You can wear Elen pretty much anywhere you’d like. It’s long sleeves are sure to keep you warm while looking spring fresh. The colors have a slight Iridescence to them that is light and delicate and suits the dress well. Elen comes in 12 amazing colors!

FB - Elen - Deep Rose - Asymmetric Long sleeve Mini dress

FB - Elen - Amethyst - Asymmetric Long sleeve Mini dress

FB - Elen - Lt Chartreuse - Asymmetric Long sleeve Mini dress

FB - Elen - Rose - Asymmetric Long sleeve Mini dress

FB - Elen - Sexy Nude - Asymmetric Long sleeve Mini dress

FB - Elen - Soft Blue - Asymmetric Long sleeve Mini dress

FB - Elen - Soft Green - Asymmetric Long sleeve Mini dress

FB - Elen - Spring Grn - Asymmetric Long sleeve Mini dress

FB - Elen - Sunrise - Asymmetric Long sleeve Mini dress

FB - Elen -   Lt Sapphire -Asymmetric Long sleeve Mini dress

FB - Elen - Lilac - Asymmetric Long sleeve Mini dress

FB - Elen - Chartreuse - Asymmetric Long sleeve Mini dress

Tartan Feet Lovin @ Forbidden Butterfly!

Yes, that is right…Forbidden Butterfly didn’t just stop at the Crop top turtle neck Tartan Dress but you made you shoes to go with them adorable tartan dresses! We thought why not a complete set…Dress and shoes too…Eureka! Thats a brilliant idea! So here are the tartan Shoes matching your dresses.

FB - Purple Tartan - Ankle Booties

FB - Red Tartan - Ankle Booties

FB - Pink Tartan - Ankle Booties

FB - Teal Tartan - Ankle Booties

FB - BlueTartan - Ankle Booties

Keeping Up To Date On My Blog(s)

Ok, so some if not all of you know I reverted back to my original blog. I want to post the important links you will need to use, like join or friend to be up to date on all things I blog! Please feel free to add them, join them and friend me :)

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I will up date links as needed!
I look forward to seeing you all visiting my blogs, Muah!!

Violet <3


MAKEUP:One the skins themselves, they are all beautiful!
OUTFIT:Poet’s Heart – Reverie – Rose
HAIR:””D!va”” Hair “Zaara” (Moon stone)
EYES: pc eyes classic – Calm Sea
NAILS: Bamboo Nails – Casuals *Pink*
JEWELRY:Chop Zuey – Heart & Soul Necklace


SKIN:::JOLI:: Lucie Skin-Cream-Bare
SKIN TONES NOT SHOWN:::JOLI:: Lucie Skin-Pale-Bare, ::JOLI:: Lucie Skin-Rosy-Bare, ::JOLI:: Lucie Skin-Tan-Bare, ::JOLI:: Lucie Skin-Bronze-Bare, ::JOLI:: Lucie Skin-Cafe-Bare,
MAKEUP:::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-04 & ::JOLI:: Teeth Tattoo
MAKEUP NOT SHOWN: (Not In Any Peticular Order) ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-01, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-19, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-12, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-02, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-03, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-20, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-18, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-15, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-05, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-13, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-07, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-17, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-09, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-14, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-10, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-06, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-16, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-11, ::JOLI:: Lucie Lipgloss-08
FRECKLE LAYERS: ::JOLI:: – Light Freckles (Face), ::JOLI:: – Dark Freckles (Face)
Shapes: ::JOLI:: Lucie Shape & ::JOLI:: Lucie Eyebrow Shaper
LOLA TANGO APPLIERS: (Not Shown) Has Lola Tango Appliers
SLINK HANDS: Has Slink Hands & Feets
Has Phat Azz/Cute Azz Skin Allpiers, Loud Mouth Appliers, Baby Bump Appliers
Outfit:D-Style – Jezik Top w.HUD & D-Style – Jezik Leggings w.HUD
Gacha Items: D-Style – Guitar Gacha Pink Grafiti & D-Style – Irish Princess Crown/Dawn
Gacha Items Not Shown: *Guitars* D-Style – Guitar Gacha Urban, D-Style – Guitar Gacha Punk RARE, D-Style – Guitar Gacha Skulls RARE, D-Style – Guitar Gacha Irish Clower RARE, D-Style – Guitar Gacha Irish Flag, D-Style – Guitar Gacha Metall, D-Style – Guitar Gacha Grunge Star, D-Style – Guitar Gacha Grunge, D-Style – Guitar Gacha Noise RARE
Gacha Items Not Shown: *Irish Princess Crowns* D-Style – Irish Princess Crown/Spring, D-Style – Irish Princess Crown/Snow, D-Style – Irish Princess Crown/Sunrise RARE, D-Style – Irish Princess Crown/Sky RARE, D-Style – Irish Princess Crown/Storm, D-Style – Irish Princess Crown/Sunset RARE, D-Style – Irish Princess Crown/Medow RARE, D-Style – Irish Princess Crown/Titan, D-Style – Irish Princess Crown/Forrest
Shoes:N-core CASTING “Noir Intense” BOXED
Jewelry: Chop Zuey – Heart & Soul Necklace
Hair:Exile::Wild At Heart Light Blondes (Wear me)
Skin:::JOLI:: Lucie – All Tones Feat. Skin Fair 2014
Eyes: pc eyes classic – Calm Sea
Nails: [Bamboo] Nail Hud – Natural
Pose: Ella Pose 02


SKIN:**SHINE** Elora SkinPack/ Pale (Shown: **SHINE** Elora Magenta/Pale)
MAKEUP: Not Shown (I loved the fucshia that was on this skin, didn;’t want to hide it)
MAKEUP NOT SHOWN:**SHINE** Lipstick Violet/Pale, **SHINE** Lipstick Rosy/Pale, **SHINE** Lipstick Blue/Pale, **SHINE** Lipstick Purple/Pale, **SHINE** Lipstick Petal/Pale, **SHINE** Lipstick Bordeaux/Pale,
OTHER SKINS NOT SHOWN: **SHINE** Elora Pink/Pale, **SHINE** Elora Red/Pale (no brows), **SHINE** Elora Orange/Pale, **SHINE** Elora Orange/Pale (no brows), **SHINE** Elora Natural/Pale, **SHINE** Elora Natural/Pale (no brows), **SHINE** Elora Pink/Pale (no brows), **SHINE** Elora Red/Pale
SHAPE NOT SHOWN: **SHINE** Elora Shape & **SHINE** Elora Magenta/Pale (no brows)
TATTOO LAYERS NOT SHOWN: **SHINE** Pubic hair, **SHINE** Pubic hair/Shaved heart, **SHINE** Face Freckles + teeth/cute, **SHINE** Face Freckles, **SHINE** Teeth tattoo/Cute, **SHINE** Pubic hair/Shaved strip, **SHINE** Face Freckles + teeth/sexy, **SHINE** Teeth tattoo/Sexy
OTHER LAYERS NOT SHOWN: **SHINE** Elora dark eyebrows / Pale, **SHINE** Cleavage 1/Pale, **SHINE** Cleavage 3/Pale, **SHINE** Cleavage 3/Pale/ undershirt layer, **SHINE** Cleavage 1/Pale/ undershirt layer, **SHINE** Cleavage 2/Pale, **SHINE** Cleavage 2/Pale/ undershirt layer
Outfit:Countdown.Melanie Gown Group Gift
Hair:””D!va”” Hair “Zaara” (Moon stone)
Eyes:pc eyes classic – Calm Sea
Nails:Bamboo Nails – Casuals *Pink*
Jewelry:Chop Zuey – Heart & Soul Necklace