Everyone LOVES cStar….Well great News, The are BACK & even more fierce!

cStar has put out man skins in the past. High quality top notch skins. They are full of detail and quality. Unico takes and asks her patrons what they want the changes they would like to see and she tries to satisfy her public and might I add she does a hell of a job!!
I’ll be posting three skin designs from cStar that are just over the top and off the hook!
If you don’t know of cStar then you will most definitely need to head over there and have yourself a SKIN FEAST.
Unico does a range of regular in house skins that are sold on a daily basis where as before it was primarily Limited Editions with some in house regulars. Now she has resident skins and still does the Limited Edition Skins also but you will find bid boards for auctions that are done on cStar skins, she has a Rare Finds Area, there are many skins in that area and they mostly range from about $100L, some of the more rare skins can run about $1000L on average. The Limited Edition Skins and in House Resident Skins can be purchased for $800L. You can also find double Pack limited Editions that sell for $1000L that included two Limited Edition Skins. Unico also buys her older cStar skins, so you can sell back your older cStar skins and get yourself some cash or sell the older ones back to buy newer ones, now that’s an idea there! She has has tattoo layers that are around $100L each, and yes, I know your thinking “does she have Limited Edition Tattoos too? The answer is YES! She has Gacha machine with Skins that are really nicely priced. As of 2012 Unico has decided to make the new skins for the Gacha Zodiac skins they are sure unique! Without further ado I will post these amazing skins so you can see them & drool like all of us cStar addicts do already…We seriously need cStar Rehab!! We Love cStar!!

cStar – Candy Pop Skin 2.0 [Honey] – Limited Edition Skin [Face]


cStar – Candy Pop Skin 2.0 [Honey] – Limited Edition Skin [Full body]


cStar – Miss Capricorn 2012 [Pale] [Face]


cStar – Miss December Skin 2011 [Honey] [Face]



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