It’s in the name…What a beautiful name it is.

One of many rare and limited skin releases from cStar is the lovely Huyana.
The skin is as beautiful as the name.

History of Huyana:
Origin/Heritage:Native American Meaning:rain falling

That is simply beautiful.

This skin is a true much have for it comes in many shades however….With that being said please recognize this skin is a limited skin there is only usually 10 bags per created skin. There are many tones that are now gone.

Here is the lovely face of Huyana




Style Card:

Skin: cStar Huyana Limited Skin
Shape: Personal (Sorry No details)
Hair: ISAURA – Thetis Deep Sea
Eyes: pc eyes by LL – bright – caribbean sea
Outfit: ISAURA – Song of the Sea
Jewelry: Gems & Kisses – Marylin – Plat & Sapphire – Set

The whole cost of this look is around $3000L


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