The Magic Of LOULOU

Everyone knows that Unico Solo and Apple Spice will create amazing works of art in their skins, that is no secret. Amazing quality of skin with makeup that is unique and like no other. makeup designs that are so unique they are in limited editions only. Each skin tone carries 10 bags of each limited skin. These skins fly off the shelves. Some more rapid than others but none the less these cStar Limited Edition skins are like hot cakes, they dont last very long and they are gone. Without further introduction I present to you cStar’s LouLou Limited Edition Skin.



Style Card:

Skin: cStar Limited – LouLou Skin [Fair]
Shape: Personal Shape (No Info given)
Eyes: pc eyes by LL – bright – caribbean sea
Hair: Vanity Hair::Colour Bun blonds
Jewelry: :: PM :: Majestic Set in Silver/Onix
Outfit: Body Suit By: N-core *BodyPaint* BLACK Paired with Son!a Briana High waist skirt black
Shoes: BAX Prestige Boots Black Suede


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