Fashion fun and Separates for him & her…At {SKD}

A lot of new items are popping up this spring and it will be affordable prices with the ability of mix and match. With mix and match Separates you now have the ability to create your perfect style mixing {SKD} brand with other designer brands or mixing amongst {SKD} pieces. You will have shirts, skirts, pants and shorts. There will occasionally pop up with a formal dress however the older stock of {SKD} Items can be located on Marketplace. Creating the {SKD} line is a lot of fun, it’s rewarding because you know someone will enjoy the abilities they have from our collections. We have people join the group, we do not set out group gifts inwolrd simply because of group jumpers, freebie hunters and beggars. We will make sure that during a group gift release there will be a fee to join the group during that 14 day period that the gift(s) are live in the group. We may also decide to have a joining fee in the future especially if we start getting slack from beggars and moochers. If you are a blogger and would like a review copy of an {SKD} Item please join the inwold group, send me a notecard letting me know that you are a blogger, I will gladly give you a blogger title in the group and pass you a review copy, as long as you continue to review {SKD} as a friend we will continue to send you a new release, with no permissions.

The following outfit has many pieces to it and is up for an up coming hunt that we will be involved in “Music Is Life Hunt” Will be starting around the end of February or the beginning or march.

The outfit I present to you in all it’s various styles is called “{SKD} Music Is Life Outfit [MIL]” This outfit will NOT be for retail sale until AFTER the hunt is over.

Without further ado I present to you “{SKD} Music Is Life Outfit [MIL]”

[Full Torso Shirt]

[Full Body full length pant leggings]

[Full Body Mini Skirt with skirt prim]

[Full Body – Flexi Skirt]


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