cStar Limited Has Done It Again!!!

Often times we look for skins with the unheard eyeliner and if you do find the ones with eyeliner it isnt quite the dramatic effect you were looking for. Since the .V3 viewers have brought the ability to wear multiple layers and attachments they finally come out with a “tattoo layer” with that tattoo layer I’ve seen all sorts of makeup layers from eye shadows, blush, lipsticks, full makeup (Eye shadow, blush and lipstick), beauty marks….even an eye lash tattoo and not to mention the ability to hide eye lashes but I can’t say I’ve seen eyeliner tattoos….Unico Solo of cStar has given us eyeliner tattoos! She has given us 8 wonderful eyeliner choices that are amazing. These eyeliners add definition to your current makeup extending the dramatic look to new heights! More drama, more power more oh she’s so beautiful! You can use it for day wear, evening wear, on the runway anywhere it suits your style. Below are the 8 different eyeliners that are out now at cStar Limited. Be sure to hop on over there and have a look I’m sure you will walk out with one or more.

cStar Limited H.B.I.C.E. Eyeliner

cStar Limited Underline Me Eyeliner

cStar Limited Thick Addiction Eyeliner

cStar Limited Spectrum Lines Eyeliner

cStar Limited Rude Lines Eyeliner

cStar Limited Evil Queen Eyeliner

cStar Limited Envy Eyeliner

cStar Limited Runway Eyeliner

These are currently at cStar pop over there and pick you up some of these awesome Eyeliners…Who cant use eyeliner? It’s for boys and girls…I know I rock my eyeliner love in RL just as I do in SL.


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