She’s so Miss…..AnTi-Social

AnTi-Social is a new Clothing Brand that will open soon. These items are being introduced through the Apple Spice and cStar Limited stores at the Whore Couture Fair.

Cute little leggings that have a style and flair all their own!
Every woman has a little bit of “whore” in them so why not dress these super cute leggings up and whore them out!
With three choices to choose from I’m sure your bound to find the pair that suits your needs the best, and even then do yourself a major favor, just get them all your going to anyways. They are simply irresistible. Cuteness has never been so dirty!
With their low cut waist, liquid tight form and boot cut you can’t go wrong. They look good with ankle boots, tennis shoes or heels. There are many options to play up or play down just whatever you feel like trying. You can make several looks and you have 3 color choices to help you create that perfect look. You get to choose from AnTi-Social – Whore Leggings 3D Wired, AnTi-Social – Whore Leggings Velvet and AnTi-Social – Whore Leggings White, which I will show you all 3 below!

Choice #1

AnTi-Social – Whore Leggings 3D Wired

Choice #2

AnTi-Social – Whore Leggings Velvet

Choice #3

Whore Leggings White

Endless possibilities, how will you flaunt your style?

Hair – >TRUTH< Trina – light blondes
Shirt – Made by me , cStar Fan tank…Not for sale
Leggings – AnTi-Social, Whore Couture Wear


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