cStars newest release…..Deep rich Toxica….A beautiful a Ebony Angel

cStar’s been on the grid a long while, assuming it was early 2010 when Unico Solo released her wild untamed masterpiece skin designs in a limited quantity. Since then she has been tearing up the skin world with contemporary, urban, high couture, goth skins…..cStar is a world-class mecca in skin creation…You never know what will hit the shelves until you get that glorious notice…..”NEW AT cSTAR” and you get all warm inside with anticipation….Usually Unico will give us a major teaser just to tantalize or already perking  senses for cStar skins. Unico doesn’t fall short on this new release called Toxica. Wit her color splash of Purple and Yellow she makes her presence known in a glamorous way. Below I’ll attach the photo’s of Ms. Toxica…She is divine!

cStar Limited – Toxia Skin – Latte Face Shot                                                                  Photobucket

cStar Limited – Toxia Skin – Latte Body Shot                                                      Photobucket


You definitely need to get this skin, she is an amazing addition to any cStar skin model collection or even a crazed cStar Army junkie;)


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