Lip WOW!

cStar is a blooming array of amazing things…..Amazing skins, truly awesome eyeliners and now adding to the mix is super amazing lip sticks!
there is like 64 lip stick in all….I’ve not actually counted them but there is more than 10 so we’ll guesstimate it at 32 each…..Gloss and Matte….Let me say that these lipsticks are to die for! You love makeup layers, you really need to get this one, this will be the best investment you will ever make and they look amazing on any cStar Limited skin! They are mixable you can wear them on other skins as well….They are luscious you really need to pop down to cStar Limited and pick these up….There are single purchases as well as line purchases and even a fat pack purchase option, so may ways to get your super sassy and noh so kissable cStar Limited lips on….I’ll see you at cStar, I’m headed there now to get mine!

cStar Lip Stick options Gloss & Matte in every color under the cStar rainbow, see photo!


Note: I didn’t create the original image Unico Solo did, I just cropped it and cleaned it up after I cropped it for illustration purposes.


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