Oh [MyDear]…Is here!

[MyDear] has released some amazing skins lately, this relatively new store is making its way through the jungle with her youthful skin design’s. I will be showing you a few new releases today for the skin lines of Hygeia Skin, Grette Skin and Irene Skin’s….

These colorful youthful skins are pretty, delicate and romantic, they are bound to get you noticed.

Weather elegance or casual fits the mood you can dress them up or down and still look amazingly beautiful…It’s a given, you wont be noticed for your attire but your face will steal his and her eyes alike….Him with desire have and her with the look of envy…Don’t hate ladies there is a simple solution to get you what you seek…Just go to [MyDear] and get your lovely new skin today, you wont be sorry!


[MyDear] Skin Photos below….

[MyDear]Irene Skin– Sunkiss #3 BODY (FACE)

[MyDear]Irene Skin– Sunkiss #3 BODY (BODY)

[MyDear]Hygeia Skin- Pale 6 (FACE)

[MyDear]Hygeia Skin- Pale 6 (BODY)

[MyDear]Grette Skin– Sunkiss #5 (FACE)

[MyDear]Grette Skin– Sunkiss #5 (BODY)

Be sure to pick each one of these lovely skins up!


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