Finding a new generation of skin..Lovely, young and vibrant….Al Vulo!

I joined a group to get a group gift to try it out to see if I liked their products and I do! I’ve been in the group about 8 months now and I’ve seen some really amazing skins come out even from group gifts. One night while dancing with my beau, he says “I love that skin, its beautiful and looks amazing on you”. Of course I had contemplated buying a pack for quite sometime but it was in deed my darling Zeke that gave me the final push in my decision to go purchase a fatpack of Al Vulo! skins. I walked in and bought several demos, I went back to our home and started trying them on I deleted several that didn’t become me none the less they were just as lovely as the ones I liked on my avatar. I have about six fatpacks that I want right now, Im sure the numbers will grow when I have more time to grab more demos! The Elena skin is the one I purchased, Leilani is a group gift for April.
In each fatpack you get 52 skins, 2 shapes a brow shape and a styling card all for $2800L Pretty reasonable huh? Definately. Each skin sold single is $800L. Your photos are below

[Al Vulo! Skin] – [ elena ] (FATPACK PURCHASE) (Has makeup layer on, NOT included with the purchase, this was one I created)

[Al Vulo! Skin] – [ elena ] (FATPACK PURCHASE)

[ Al Vulo! ] – [ Leilani] – [ – gold fish ] (GROUP GIFT – APRIL)

[ Al Vulo! ] – [ Leilani] – [ – gold fish ] (GROUP GIFT – APRIL)


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