Jean……A Beautious Wonder

Recient release from cStar is Jean. Jean is a unique detailed makeup with cyan, red hinting of purple and a touch of green. Seems almost KISSesque toward the Demon. Its a unique looking skin, one you will absoultely WANT in your skin choices. It is a limited edition, you can pick it up at cStar Limited HQ for only $800L you get one tone with three breast options or go hog wild and buy them all! If you plan to buy several tones do hurry for as tan is currently sold out!

The remaining skin tones left at the time this blog was written are as follows:

Elven Warm 7 remaining

Elven Olive 7 remaining

Elven Natural 3 remaining

Elven Cool 5 remaining

Satin Honey 3 remaining

Satin  Honey Bronze 4 remaining

Satin Spray Tan 4 remaining

Satin  Tan 2 remaining

Satin 4 remaining


These will go fast….HURRY!

Breast Cup Sizes Options:

Cup A

Cup B

Cup C

Have a look at this amazing beauty and then RUN to cStar Limited HQ

cStar Limited Jean  Elven Natural C Cup FACE

cStar Limited Jean  Elven Natural C Cup BODY

Limo Provided!

– Enjoy & happy Shopping!


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