Spring is the perfect season for a wedding!

VERO MODERO is currently releasing its beautiful bridal collection just in time for all them lovely spring weddings…You know the ones, the ones with the beautiful dreamscape walks inside or outside venues with mountains of amazing flowers fragrant with lavender, jasmine, roses, Lilly’s and many more fragrant delicate lovelies. Soft canopies of silk frolicking in the light spring breezes, amazing trellis entrances with a soft walk in the purest velvet splashed with the brides chosen colors. Some with the salty breeze of the beaches others with the soft romantic glow of pure white candles lighting a romantic altar. Feels the warmth of love over coming her mood in the lovely spring season. The Bridal collection Vero Modero takes you away in to a fantasy wedding scene…Start planning them weddings ladies, Vero Modero will set the mood with style, grace and elegance. Bridal wear at it’s finest.

I’m going to show you some photos of an amazing gown that will truely define wedding bliss. You MUST see these wedding dresses, this collection is so elegant and amazing!

As you can see the silk is of the finest quality. The chiffon mesh ruffles grace the bust, arm and skirt gracefully. The delicate flowers and veil complete this amazing dress with beauty. Ladies I urge you to go to Vero Modero to peer at their amazing wedding collection. You are bound to grace the isle at your wedding in an amazing bridal design by Vero Modero.

[VM] VERO MODERO / Eleaf Bridal


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