Marilyn Is The Beauty Queen…..

Figuratively the newest skin release for cStar is called Marilyn.

In my styling I had a bit of fun and channeled Marilyn Monroe. I was pleased with the final outcome….

The styling took me about 3 full hours, because I knew what I was wanting and wasnt sure where or how to put it all together to achieve the exact look I was going for.

After trying to turn it into Diamonds are a girls best friend and failing miserably I decided to go The Seven Year Itch….That was it…Eureka!

I’d passed the photo to a friend and I said to her…..”What do you see there?”

She said “Oh my god….That looks like Marilyn Monroe!”

I was elated….My heart skipped a beat I had achieved the exact look I was wanting for this skin.

This is one of my all time favorite skins from cStar now.

I highly suggest that you head over to Jersey Short to the cStar store and pick this one up as soon as it comes out!

Here are the amazing photos below.

*cStar Limited – Marilyn – Cream Head Shot*

*cStar Limited – Marilyn – Cream Body Shot*


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