Pink Ribbon Fair…Hope By cStar

As you know cStar creates some amazing skins. Some are normal others are exotic. This particular skin is Pink….Yes Pink…Why is it pink….Its for a good cause, the Pink Ribbon Fair that opens…Aug 4th (Today)!

Quick Catchup in case you’re not familiar with the Pink Ribbon Fair:

Pink Ribbon Fair (PRF) in collaboration with RFL of SL. This charity event for breast cancer starts August 4th to 25th (4 weeks) ! All the pink exclusives items found on the event sim are 100% donation to American Cancer Society.


You’ve got to love that!!

Unico Solo and the cStar team are right in there with their latest creation called “Hope”

This skin is amazing for many reasons….One of course the obvious…Bows to cStar….Secondly it’s pink, whimsical and makes for a great fairy look and of course the third and final reason…You really don’t need me to tell you, you should already be screaming it at the top of your lungs while running to the nearest teleport to get this amazing skin…..Sigh’s Ok…I’ll tell you just this once…..It’s part of the pink Ribbon Fair…Duh! So stop reading this post, get off your tail and head down to the Pink Ribbon Fair and pink up this amazing skin made with love and HOPE in mind.

Shes also got some amazing lipsticks too for the Pink Ribbon fair that I will feature here as well of course on the amazing Hope skin.
Without further ado….Here is the amazing Hope skin and the lovely lipsticks in pink!

*cStar Limited Hope Pink Ribbon Face*

*cStar Limited Hope Pink Ribbon Body*

*cStar LipStick – Gloss 044*

*cStar LipStick – Gloss 043*

*cStar LipStick – Matte 044*

*cStar LipStick – Matte 043*


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