Hot, hot hot…..Hot for Pink!

Elia the newest member of the cStar skin family has arrived, she is 90L in Peach and Cream
tones wiht 3 breast options. You will have to teleport to the store in Jwersey Shore and
pick up the ‘Demo” for the Landmark. You can pick up BOTH tones for $180L! That is a steal
Id say. I picked up them both, why not? with the saucy Pink lips and rosey blum cheeks not to forget the eyeliner and shadow pink isk all around on this and hot it is. In the pink lipstick there is a hint of flourecent red peeking out just over the top lurking down the boyd of the lips then fading into that rick flourecent hot pink lip sheen. Truely a pick up and show off….Get to cStar grab the”Demo” and go go go to the LM in that g”Demo” and pcik these skins up. Hurry before they are gone. Again, these are LIMITED skins, so dont delay get ubnderway to cStar.

cStar Limited Elia Peach Face

cStar Limited Elia Peach Body


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