Oh Juliet, where art thou Romeo?

Juliet comes to us from a new line of amazing skins once more
created by the amazing Unico Solo. Her delicated pinked cheeks
and seductive lips and sultry eyes. She is a everyday skin or even a great skin to use as a Victorian Lady RP skin. In any case she is more than a lady. Like the rest there is 3 breast options, unfortunately I do not know the other skin tones that are/was available. If you’ve not had the chance to pick her up you may want to try to do so, providing there are any left….This skin is a 2 per tone skin, meaning these will go quicker and be a highly sought item to locate and once located, they will likely be pricey if sold by the skin owner. This treasure will be a “Rare Find” for sure.
So if you have a chance to grab a copy, grab one, and tone doesnt matter because you might be able to trade tones with somene that wants the tone you have and you will get a tone that makes you happy….Anything is possible in the world of cStar Limited.

cStar Limited Juliet Peach Face

cStar Limited Juliet Peach Body


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