Black and Gold….Picture Perfect….A True Beauty

As many of us search the grid for amazing designs that stand apart and above the “Normal” we look to blogs and other to see fashion styles, trends or just the new that is coming out so we have some enlightenment on how fashion is developing and how it will effect us in our search for the most amazing styles.

Aiding us with tools such as friendships, word of mouth, blogs and fashion shows. All of these are perfect for the search. Though there is one thing that does stand above the rest….Fashion shows. You can actually see the outfit on the models, you can see the movements of the material the way the skirts and dresses and amazing gowns flow fluidly and flawlessly with each movement in precision with the models body and his or her movements.

Some focusing on the style, the look the movement and even the colors of the outfits. So many things to look at and look for when choosing the perfect outfit for an event, formal, gala, ball or date, whatever the occasion.

I’m about to show you a dress that is lovely. You will want to pick it up.

This dress isn’t yet released hehe, I’m just special haha (joking) Naw, its part of the show series.
This dress is one dress that will be in the up coming fashion show produced my UEMA on Oct 27th at 4 PM Slt.
The amazing designer of this outfit is BonieFacio, creator and owner of Dot-Be located here

Please feel free to copy & paste this link into your viewer to teleport to the store now!

You will want and need to go visit this store! While your at it, save the date in your calendar and be sure to be at the show! Again that show date it, Oct 27th at 4 PM Slt, produced by UEMA.

BonieFacio is a multi-talented guy and an amazing designer to boot!
The dress I’m going to show you today is called “Sharon”, I hope you will enjoy this dress as much as I have and will continue to do. Without further Ado I’ll introduce Sharon….After the photo you will find a styling card to create the very same look as I’ve done in the photo.

Dot-be Dress Sharon Blackgold

Dot-be Dress Sharon Blackgold Styling Card
Dress – Dot-be Dress Sharon Black/gold
Jewelery – :: PM :: Cubics II Set in the Fall
Eye Lashes – ATIA CREATIONS Happy Hour Lashes – Tintable
Shoes – N-core POISON “Noir Intense”
Hair – ::Exile:: Love Song:Goldrush
Finger Nails – ::TGIS:: Nails 3.0 Glitter Collection
Makeup – Madrid Solo- Gypset- Aubrey with Lashes Lips & Eyes
Glam Affair – Cassiopea – Jamaica – Tesea BL- TDR
To create your identical styling of this amazing dress by DOT-BE, BonieFacio.

Be sure to stop by Dot-Be and have a look around, there is something for every one male and female alike.

– Enjoy –


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