Red Hot Designs By A White Hot Designer!!

I have an amazing job and I love blogging for the amazing people that I do blog for, BonieFacio Resident has created the items that I am about to present to you. I will not be focusing on the ‘styling card’ for these items because the accessories aren’t not my focus, the clothing is. Anytime I post a Dot-Be post I will be this way, focusing solely on the clothing over the accessories used to create the looks. Anyone of you that knows me knows that I am passionate person and I am dedicated with the utmost loyalty to the people I love and their businesses. I can’t endorse things that aren’t quality….If I do it is without heart or feeling and it will most likely include styling cards however I do include styling cards on some items because the look is simply white hot!

BonieFacio has created several items in which I am about to present to you, some may or may not be obtainable (hunt items and monthly group gifts if they are previous months…Just means I am slow to catch up my blogs).

This is a lovely fall colored hunt item for him and for her, called Dot-beSaH. It was in deed a hunt item in the Dot-Be main store.

As you know the Womens Stuff Hunt is a powerful hunt just as the Mens Stuff Hunt is but the outfit I am showing you comes from the Womens Stuff Hunt and I think it is still in the store…Don’t quote me on this just in case I am incorrect, so if you’ve not gotten it here is your chance to teleport over and pick it up before it is gone.

Womens Stuff Hunt

Great for a fall pair is this warm edition called Dot-Be Orsola Causal Chick. It has a poncho to help keep the chill from you on the brisk days ahead this fall. There are other colors of this outfit so you can select the one that goes best with your skin and hair tones and look stunning. The colors you can choose from are Bordeaux, green and the one shown here.


Next up in the warm fall collection from Dot-Be we have Phaedra, I will be showing Phaedra in three colors, Beige, Dark and Light. Phaedra is a causal look with a one shoulder tank, a warm cardigan to keep the chill off them shoulders and a pair of color coordinated slacks. Phaedra is a set you will want in your inventory for all them casual walks in the part or even that fall shopping trip with the girls…




When you want to be the one that is styling. Run over to Dot-Be and pick these up and many other designs.
Dot-Be Inwolrd SLURL


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