Dark Elegance And Beauty

I walked into RFyre on Monday 20, September, 2010. I was looking for something that was dark, elegant and beautiful. After searching through what I thought was the entire store and I had lost hope of finding that dress…You know the one that calls your name and you just know this is THE DRESS, I finally thought I’ll go into this section once more then I will leave and look else where. Once in the formal section I had received an IM from a RL friend and I looked up and there it was…The most beautiful dress, dark and elegant. After looking to see the name of this beautiful creation so that I could locate my purchase and style it for I used this dress as an entry for when I was doing the Model Fest from JCNY. My photos were submitted and I used it while I was show casing on the runway that day. I had gotten many complements on this dress. It is a purchase that I was pleased with and have worn it many a time for formal events and every time I’ve worn it I’ve gotten complements. The name of this lovely dress is ! RFyre For the Love Of… Tribute Ensemble, I recommend checking out RFyre

You can visit the RFyre store here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isle%20RFyre/49/126/77
Please copy and paste this SLURL into your window and click TP.



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