White Noise


Into the night of All Hallows Eve walks Alice. Alice comes to earth in search of her lost soul and to find the ones who caused her eternal turmoil. Her beauty is so amazing, her skin so soft, milky and translucent. Alice is an apparition driven by the most unworldly beauty. A beauty that is only capable of being real on the other side. Yet Alice is not angry she does want to see the world and how it has changed so she comes every year to visit. Her dress speaks of a thousand years of eternal life. He eyes have long faded yet she can see her hair so thin, so fine and as translucent as her person. Alice is a stunning beauty that needs no introduction. Looking at her you know she is a true beauty and only walks the earth one time a year.
Alice was in deed October’s Newest release for Halloween.

Alice includes:
body alpha
semi-transparent skin with shape
custom mesh dress and flexi skirt

Alice is designed to be semi-transparent, perfect for Halloween or role playing. Due to the limitations of Second Life, Alice’s semi-transparent skin and shape are not modifiable. A bonus non-transparent skin and a modify shape have been included but are not compatible with the outfit or the semi-transparency.

Please remember to keep in mind that there are requirements for this skin from HUSH. I have quite a few skins from HUSH and I recommend HUSH Skins for your skin needs….They have some really wonderful skins!

Take the Hush SLURL, copy and paste it into your viewer to TP to the Hush Skin’s store location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/HUSH/115/112/24


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