Modeling, The Good The Bad And The Ugly!

When I started in modeling back in 2008, I was on a quest to learn what I needed to know to actually break into modeling. I learned for my Rez date until June of 2009 when I finally broke into the modeling world. My first agency went through so many changes, I can recall its management and name changing at least four times until it evolved into the agency it is now and a lot of the former original management members are no longer with the agency and some have vanished as well as changed profession or at least directed some of their professional expertise into other directions as well as modeling.

I have seen people be vicious and try to damage and ruin other models reputations. I have been a victim of it as well. I will of course not be a name dropper it is unimportant. They know who they are and well to say the least their names aren’t so well mentioned any longer.

My question is is….Do you really think you accomplish something by trying to ruin another models career?
Do you feel it makes you a bigger person to harm others?
You do realize that shows that you are jealous of that person and you fear them. There is no real need to fear ANYONE in Second Life.

As we all know that the modeling profession is expensive and you will spend more money than you will ever make from the profession…If you are going into the world of modeling with cash in your mind be prepared to spend ungodly amounts of real life cash because you will not make the money in modeling required to support your profession. This needs to be clear because so many people are mythed about modeling.

There are rarely any such things in modeling as REAL friends or alliances. Most often than not your friends are in for more than you expect, they need you for something. You can be used by people in the modeling industry don’t think it isn’t possible it very much so is. Most often than not someone is looking for an escape goat and someone who isn’t alert can be the target and not realize it until it’s too late….

I personally found this out as I was accused of  many things and lies were circling about. It’s devastating and a horrible feeling to be mistreated for someone elses TRY at personal gain, it doesn’t always fail the attempt they try against you. I was lucky a few months of lies deceit and the right people some what knew me but knew some of my friends well and trusts them enough to know that I was not doing anything I was being charged with by the two individuals who used me as their targets. Neither model is mainstream any longer their names are rarely even spoken.

In recent attempts on my character I have had a former friend label me to others including designers, her and her friends have attacked me on threads and when my friends have tried to retaliate against their hateful and malicious attempts its stated on agency report they were not part, regardless if they willingly took part or was placed in as taking part they are just as much at guilt as the other person who was posting the garbage and changing the conversation texts that was in deed shared with the girl who was posting it and altering them. One of my friends who I know in RL Imd me asked if she could post them on a thread showing the difference in the conversations and I said yes she was welcome to do so.

It then escalated to a point that there was a designer involved in the equation now. Without her taking the time to get to know me, see who I am she has passed judgement upon me and has labeled me based upon words of this girl. The modeling world is vicious and people tend to judge others, truthfully its all DRAMA!

I had a girl come to me as a trainer once and she was with another agency, the agency owner told her that she had to choose one or the other she couldn’t work/be in both agencies. So she chose the parent agency over an agency with freedom…UEMA DOES NOT EXPECT STAFF/MODELS NO ONE TO BE EXCLUSIVE, to me that hinders ones exposure and after all the more exposure one has the better he/she is known.

recently a very special person, a very good friend who I adore was persecuted all because one model (A UEMA MODEL, We know who he is and he is walking a very thin line, one mess up and I will remove the drama source) felt the need to lie against him. The one model seems to think he knows it all and he does not, he claimed that my friend was CEO/OWNER of UEMA sadly he is not. He will NOT allow me to make him an owner, I would in a heartbeat but he will not allow me to do so. He does have the Owner tag because I trust him in the event that I am not here someone has to be able to access things in my absence so he has all my rights but he is not a CEO/OWNER. My suggestion is before you go running your mouth to others make sure the information you tell is true. To lie about others and conceal your own treachery is brazen don’t you think? Why not tell your CEO that you are doing managerial work for a designer as well as one of your colleagues? Oh right it seems that did come out in the laundry the dirty laundry and you were halted from performing your tasks there and now have put the designer in distress with YOUR OWN LIES, Good onya! I hate drama with a passion, I’ve seen enough of it in the modeling industry. I’ve seen people good people taken advantage of, defamed and abused. Several people have been taken advantage of, defamed and abused. I do believe this is such a case with a dreaded villain everyone seems to fear as well. She plagues the fashion industry for a reason and I do believe that is because someone has abused and mistreated her as well. It doesn’t matter if one is male or female they are still human and have feelings. It’s really time for the modeling industry to change. Stop hindering the models to being exclusive to one agency it hinders their exposure and shows that you are afraid when not all people are dishonest. You have to have an element of trust until you are shown the trust isn’t wanted. Stop Controlling Models and the modeling industry. The model spend tremendous amounts of real life money in Second Life to purchase items required such as outfits, hair, shoes and other accessories how about showing a little respect and lift the control and let them grow in modeling. There should be an organization that fights against model control and insisting they are exclusive to only one agency….Stop the madness, stop it now!

I’m sure alot of people will be upset with this blog however it has to be said. I’ve kept all the names disclosed as to protect even the guilty.
Have a great SL Day/Night


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