Christmas Is So Delightful



Poinsetta’s are a fashionable flower of the Christmas season. With flull blooms of White, deep red, pink or bright red. You can choose the color of your fancy. However this Christmas ensomble
simply named Poinsetta Pasty & Earring set by Nymphetamines only comes in one color…Red not too bright not too dar its just right! With bells that jingle so you can jingle all the way with your Ho ho ho Merry Christmas. The little gift bows make it ultra cute. They are stergically placed on the breast giving ample coverage to your nipples. The panies are a cute reg and green thong that has the poinsetta flowers, ribbons and bells on it also with the bows placed covering your bits. On the back covering yout bottom is a larger bow and it’s ribbons, bells and poinsettas covering your bottem perfectly. This outfit is simple adorable. With the hair being from Magika a free Christmas gift of 2010 and the boots being Bax in holiday colors you are a sure fire win win to greet your partner that gis bound to warm them inside and out with just a glance.

Please note: The store doesn’t seem to exsist upon my last listing check, I am unaware if they have returned or have updated their Marketplace links so please use caution if you search them and attempt purchase on Marketplace. If they are gone you will likely lose the linden spent on the purchase you never got. This outfit was from 2011.


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