Limited Edition Necklaces For Men At Dot-Be


We all love being on of a limited quanity of people when it comes to accessories or our clothing. We all flock to the store in hopes to be “One Of”. While there usually isnt many limited items for men Dot-Be is wanting to change that!
BonieFacio has created three (3) wonderful necklaces just for men as you can see in the above photo!! They are a one of a kind, limited editions and there is only 20 items of each set! Fellas, if you want to be one of 20 other males to own these necklaces you’d better hurry they are limited editions and well rarely men get limited editions so hop over and pick yours up before it’s too late and they are all gone! 3 Necklaces, 3 different colors and 3 completely different looks to be created. They are stunning makes me want to create a male alt so I can buy one for him lol but I wont I’m partial to my normal self haha, I can buy the set for my partner though woot woot!


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