Understanding Why I Closed UEMA And Said Good-Bye

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Many of you feel like I cast you out for no reason at all, this is so not true. I adored many of you, some wasn’t even tipping the scale as a fave but that isn’t here nor there. I had a run with someone who was suppose to have been my friends who at every turn tried to hinder me and all I did, once she was cast out of UEMA I brought in some new and fresh management. One wanted to be top cookie while the other one worked his ass off, so when I wouldn’t demote him it became a battle between her and I almost daily because she felt that she should have been the top cookie alone. I don’t tolerate that so when she left the position and UEMA it was left to one. That person was amazing. There were many things going on behind the scenes that no one knew or was suppose to know. When the stress becomes too much or too painful its time to end it. So many webs of spun lies. The one thing I don’t regret is leaving for in the end I will not be the one who hurt any of you. I’ve cleared my consience of all things negitive in that respect I wish you all the best. What modeling I do do now is on my terms alone. I decide where and who and what I do now. I’ve found a new life in a way that I can breathe I don’t have to abide rules and be prudish, I can act a fool all day long and my friends don’t frown on it they join in and we have a blast, even if we laugh till we hurt and cry. I’m not an animal I don’t like to be cornered or caged, when I feel trapped that’s when it’s time for me to move on. I do miss UEMA, I miss the people and I miss all of you. I just hope that in time you will understand, I didn’t want to be involved in being part of whats up ahead. My mind is clear, my heart is no longer bleeding and my soul is no longer crying out. I do miss the nights alone, I miss the things we use to do. I’ve cried enough over the together and apart and no I am over it, I will be alright. My Secondlife will revive and blossom anew into whatever I decide to become. I’ll only be a part time model only when the notion strikes me.

I’ve deleted many of you from my SL friends list for the following reasons.
1. We hardly ever talked (doesn’t mean I didn’t like you)
2. You were an ass and I only tolerated you (I had to the only reason why you were on my list)
3. You ran your mouth and was being a bitch, I don’t have to take that from you or anyone else.
4. You were drama and well save that shit for your mama I don’t want it or need it.
5. I just didn’t like your sorry ass, period.
6. If I acted differently towards you and we were once good friends its because you sucked the wrong people ass and treated me like shit. Lying to others about me because you wanted to bang the person you had your lips firmly placed on their ass with your sob stories of being an SL virgin blah blah blah….Really? You know how desperate you sound? News flash…I was banging them…Skype is an amazing thing.

Your welcome to try to add me back if I want you on my list I will re-add you, if I dont read you that means one of the above reasons. lol Most likely you will know if I didn’t like you or not on parting ways.

Being a backstabbing ass don’t get you far with me, I’m honest and truthful. I hated having to hide my thoughts and feelings because anytime I voiced an opinion I was told and I quote “Can you put your fucking feelings for me aside” end quote. So I sat on i t building it up to the explosion that eventually closed UEMA. I wish you all the best, lord knows your going to need it in the coming months. Now you have a better understanding into the reasons I closed UEMA, it was in deed for the best trust me in the end you will see.

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