Shhhh…..Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte

Hush Charlotte Skin – Grape – Honey
 photo HushCharlotteSkin-GrapeHoney_zps1e066167.jpg

Hush Charlotte Skin – Blue – Honey
 photo HushCharlotteSkin-BlueHoney_zps3abf6a1d.jpg

Hush Charlotte Skin – Pink – Honey
 photo HushCharlotteSkin-PinkHoneyTone_zps12402e7b.jpg

Hush Charlotte Skin – Sage Cream
 photo HushCharlotteSkin-SageCream_zpsf3106d6f.jpg

These skins are lovely!! I feel like a million dollars when I put once of my Charlotte Skin’s on.
The soft spring colors in the makeup is subtle and sexy. The pastel glossy lisp are fresh and ready for lots of kissing! Mmm kissing your special someone is always the best part especially when you feel so alive, so good and ready to take on the world! These are new at HUSH, run on out there and pick yours up today!!


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