Audrey Hepburn, Classy and iconic, forever you are cherished.

The Real Audrey Hepburn from the 1961 Film Breakfast At Tiffanys
 photo images_zps6093eb25.jpg

SL Dress In Likeness inspired from Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast At Tiffnys Dress and look.The look isn’t 100% due to coyriting laws with Warner Brothers Pictures so we added a few changes to make it LIKE but not identical in celebration of the lovely Audrey Hepburn
 photo BlissCoutureDress-AudreyJCNYCigaretteHolderNcorePinupShoes-NoirAliceProjectHairJCNYDavinchiColorGemNecklaceandearrings_zps9c8ae17f.jpg

Adding a retro hair do in blonde verses black and a tiara to add a subtle change to the look making it “My Own” verses a carbon copy of the look. I wanted to represent the lovely Audrey Hepburn without completely copying the look and sailing into Copyright Laws. Warner Brothers produced Breakfast At Tiffanys in 1961. An iconic romantic comedy in which the lovely Audrey Hepburn played the character of Holly Golightly. There was several noted accomplishments with Breakfast At Tiffanys such as Song writer Henery Mancinis and his lyrical partner in crime Johnny Mercer, with their beloved song Moon River winning an Oscar for best song. In the year 2012 Breakfast At Tiffanys was added to the US National Film Registry. A Classic of all times. For the readers whom doesn’t know what the US National Film Registry’s purpose is, it’s simple. The National Film Registry is the United States National Film Preservation Board’s selection of films for preservation in the Library of Congress. The Board was established by the National Film Preservation Act of 1988, was reauthorized by acts of Congress in 1992, 1996, 2005, and again in October 2008. The 1996 law also created the non-profit National Film Preservation Foundation which, although affiliated with the National Film Preservation Board, raises money from the private sector.

The Lovely Audrey Hepburn’s Personal Information:
Audrey Was Born:Audrey Kathleen Ruston
Her Date Of Birth was: 4 May 1929
She was born in: Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium
Our Beloved Audrey Died:20 January 1993 (aged 63)
She Died In: Tolochenaz, Vaud, Switzerland
Audrey’s Cause of death: Appendiceal cancer
Audrey’s Final Resting place: Tolochenaz Cemetery, Tolochenaz, Vaud, Switzerland
Audrey’s Nationality: British
Audrey’s Other names: Edda van Heemstra, Audrey Kathleen Hepburn-Ruston
Audrey’s Occupation: Actress (1948–1989)
Audrey was a Humanitarian (1988–1992)
Audrey’s Years active: 1948–1992
Audrey’sSpouse(s): Mel Ferrer (1954–1968), Andrea Dotti (1969–1982),
Audrey’s Final Partner(s): Robert Wolders (1980–1993; her death)
Audrey’s Children: Sean Hepburn Ferrer, Luca Dotti
Audrey’s Parents: Joseph Victor Anthony Ruston (deceased) & Ella van Heemstra (deceased)

My Our Shining Star, the lovely Audrey Hepburn rest in peace, for she will truly be missed as a film icon and legend,
La bellezza era un diamante di dettagli, bella nella sfaccettatura e ricca di purezza … Riposa in pace

In Loving Memory, Audrey Hepburn, 1929 – 1993
 photo NEPJTQXoQaXWUU_1_3_zps586c53ef.jpg


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