Gemma7 release from Dot-Be

Italian: Un fiore bello come si potrebbe indossare molto meno ed essere altrettanto stupefacente, tu sei il mio bel tramonto su una spiaggia d’estate. Con amore io a cuore te.

English: A flower as lovely as you could wear much less and be just as stunning, you are my beautiful sunset on a summers beach. With love I will cherish thee.

I’m still on a roll….Lol gotta love it!
Winks, Lord knows I do.

Dot-Be – Gemma7 Gown
 photo BambooNail-Rubyred-PoeticColorsRainTreeGreenDamselflyKelaniRubyTwilightTGinasunkissedlipsSiennaMysteriaGldRdCollarNecklaceDo_zps802d7313.jpg

A lovely dress to aquire for a certain event or gala, you ca look stunning in spitfire red. Any event is on fire when your wearing this lovely dress.

Style Card:
Outfit:Dot-Be – Gemma7
Nails: Bamboo Nail – Ruby red
Eyes: Poetic Colors Rain Tree Green
Hair: Damselfly Kelani Ruby Twilight
Makeup: T Gina sunkissed lips Sienna
Jewelery: Chop Zuey – Mysteria Gold Red Collar Necklace, Bracelets & earrings
Shoes: N-core Femme – Rouge


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