New Release From Dot-Be

 photo -PoeticColors-Gift-RainTreeGreeenHairmadbangblondeLovelyAlienSleekHeels_SolidColoursBambooNails-DrowHushJennySkin-GlowDot-be_zps39f74787.jpg

Long sleeved hoodie top black with white lines acuentuaiting the top. Stylish and fashionable for casual dress, perfect for that on the go girl. The black and white striped pants add a contrast to the outfit that makes it a shining star.

Style Card:

Outfit: Dot-Be Takito
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Rain Tree Green
Hair: Analogdog Hair – maddison bangs – blonde
Shoes: Lovely Alien Sleek Heels Solid Colours
Nails: Bamboo Nails – Drow
Skin: Hush Jenny Skin – Glow

Happy Shopping!!


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