Violet’s Finesmith Gemstone Casting Look

 photo Snapshot_003_zps50a80ca2.jpg

 photo Snapshot_002-4_zps997bc0fd.jpg

This dress was put together using pieces from Gizza, Son!a and several other designers. I wanted to share this look because I was extremely proud of this styling. I hope to create many more amazing stylings such as this one in the future and help to teach others to style the best they can. I look forward to embarking on a new journey in modeling and all the fruits that come with it. I am not going to do a style card for this outfit as I am not in world at this time to do so. I just wanted to share the look that I wore to the casting when I became a Finesmith Gemstone.
BonieFacio was a great help and I appreciate his input and pushing me, L’amore è il mio amico!


One thought on “Violet’s Finesmith Gemstone Casting Look

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