Stand 4 love…I Stand 4 Love…Do you?

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Love has no gender…It doesn’t matter if your male or female love is love.
You can love someone for who they are//Not for the sexy they are.
I can honestly identify with this. I have my SL which is separate from my RL…In my RL I have the most amazing person in my life and I love them with all my heart, they are my reason for being alive, the light in my darkness, they are the love of my life. It’s profound, when we met I knew they were the one. Something inside of me said, I want to spend the rest of my life with this beautiful person, there isn’t a day that that goes by that I don’t wake up loving them more. I define myself as a Pansexual. The term Pansexual/Pansexuality can mean different things to different people. For me Pansexual means That you are blind to the person’s gender, age (to an extent, obviously not going to fall in love with a newborn baby), race, wealth, religion (as long as they are KIND and REASONABLE), brains, brawn, confidence level, health, etc. When people say “I only like Girls or boys” or whatever… that’s like the opposite of me. I would say something more like “I only like human beings who attract me to them for who they are on the inside, if they possess my heart and I fall in love with them then all the more better, it means that have one hell of an impact on me. physically, emotionally and sexually”. In honesty, a personas personality is more meaningful, it’s more important than what They look like…Meaning male or female. What it all boils down to in the end is that being pan(pansexual) is normal, love is love, no matter what gender (Male or female), there is NO WRONG ANSWER… I am attracted to men as well as some women, It’s NOT because of what they have in their pants, its their personality, their whole being. to classify people as a gender is overrated, gender is just a sex. It doesn’t mean that you are wrong to be in love with someone who is the same-sex as you, there’s nothing wrong with being in love with someone who is the opposite sex from you. Different strokes for different folks. I’ve been married to a man before, I was married in 2003, I am divorced now. I met someone, there was alot of things that I didn’t know, it proves the theory of your never to old to learn. We talked forever and I was consumed by this person, still am very much consumed by them and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am just as much in love with them as I was when I started. I always thought that I was “Straight” such a stereotype, I know but honestly NO ONE is 100% Straight. People fear what they do not understand thus causing the tyraide of Straight, gay, Lesbian, Bi, Pan, Tri or trans and any other term used to classify someone who isn’t in a conventional relationship, meaning male and female. A female can be in love with another female, to be honest the relationship between two women is more emotional, deeper connected, they have something that men don’t have…Understanding of each other through and through. Women are on the same wavelength and can communicate 100 times better with each other than a man and woman. Smiles who wouldn’t prefer a total win win? Lord knows I do prefer that because its easier to relate to your partner than it is when your from two opposite sides. Men have it easier to be with another man, with men and women being with their own sex it is easier for them to get what they need from each other, because they UNDERSTAND each other without any hiccups, as for a man and a woman it is harder because women are more sensitive then men and sometimes they don’t seem to understand the female gender. They can fall in love and live together and get through everything just like a same-sex couple would and can however they will never experience that euphoric feeling of truly being one with your partner. No one should live under a label, no one should be force to conform to others beliefs…Conventional relationships were good in the 50’s and maybe even the 60’s but through the 70’s, 80’s 90’s and today people should have the right to choose who they love without hesitation. It’s our life, we need to take control of it and love the way we want to love and who we want to love without the world passing judgmental labels down upon us because we are “different”. We’re no different from the people who label us, we put our pants on the very same way as you do the only thing is we are proud to be in love with who we love and we don’t give a damn about your judgmental opinions….In short….Opinions are like ass holes, everyone has got one so suck it up sun shine it’s our time to love who we are, and the person we truly love regardless of it being opposite sex or same sex….Love is love, Love is the basis…Love sees NO GENDER.
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