The Bad Bitch Maffia Princess & Dutchesses Stand 4 Love

 photo VioletCassiampAriWeStand4Love_zps5d368a5e.jpg

Cassandra Rosenstar, Ariana Kalinakov and VioletCrush Bravin….The Bad Bitch Maffia Stands 4 Love.

Zekethefreak – Bad Bitch Maffia Don
VioletCrush Bravin – Bad Bitch Maffia Princess
Cassandra Rosenstar – Bad Bitch Maffia Dutchess
Ariana Kalinakov – Bad Bitch Maffia Dutchess

We three ladies stand for love…Love doesn’t choose a gender, you don’t choose who you love….You heart chooses who you love. Gender is only a physical formality that really means nothing. The inner person is who matters, if the person is beautiful inside they are just as beautiful on the outside and their physical gender doesn’t matter.

Cassandra Rosenstar is Hetrosexual
Ariana Kalinakov is Hetrosexual
VioletCrush Bravin is Pansexual
Zekethefreak Resident is Hetrosexual

It doesn’t matter if you are gay, steright, , Transexual, Bisexual, Pansexual, Hetrosexual or Transgendered Love is Love!


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