Boobs….Which Boobs Are Best? The Booby Debate

Lush Breasts – By Lush
 photo HotStuffReginaSkinNutmegandpantiesfromTASTEAdoreCrimsonBlack_zpsbe1d3e92.png

I can’t speak for Lola Tango Owners but I can speak for Lush Breast Owners….I can’t say much more than I love my boobies! In MY opinion I feel these are the most realistic looking mesh breasts, however everyone has their own opinion and is clearly entitled to them. Just for me I feel my purchase of Lush Breasts was the best purchase for me. I’d highly recommend Lush Breasts to anyone, in fact a friend got me hooked on them and well I then got another one of my friends hooked on them! It’s easily done lol. The appliers for these amazing boobs are easy its a one touch clik of a button, then select add and boom! you have applied your appliers to your boobs! Please make sure to do your homework on whatever boobs you decide you want to purchase these happy bouncing globes of yummy aren’t cheap. Lush breasts are $1050L as where Lola Tangos are around $1400L. So please make sure you do your homework before spending, make sure to get the demo’s and try them…You have to pick what you like and what you feel looks good on your avatar, it is your pixel body and your SL.

Happy Shopping!

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