Malina Is Hot Tonight!

Shoes of color…All sorts of designs and colors to go with just about any outfit imaginable! With a selection of shoes like this who needs a headache? All I need is a closet of clothing and a full day to decide what is the hottest with these shoes!

Latreia – Malina – Purple
 photo Latreia-MalinaPurple_zpsd7de65ec.png

Latreia – Malina – Blue
 photo Latreia-MalinaBlue_zpsc75bf834.png

Latreia – Malina – Skull
 photo Latreia-MalinaSkull_zps616e9775.png

Latreia – Malina – Moo
Latreia – Malina – Moo
 photo Latreia-MalinaMoo_zpsf580df6f.png

 photo Latreia-MalinaPink_zps63e7bb31.png

Latreia – Malina – Teal Retro
 photo Latreia-MalinaTealRetro_zps18f7d60b.png

Latreia – Malina – Queen
 photo Latreia-MalinaQueen_zps865291ff.png

Latreia – Malina – Starz
 photo Latreia-MalinaStarz_zps7bb14518.png

Latreia – Malina – Pink Retro
 photo Latreia-MalinaPinkRetro_zpsf90f2915.png

Latreia – Malina – Plaid
 photo Latreia-MalinaPlaid_zpsb60549ba.png


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