Roxy’s Night….

Sexy pumps for any outfit and any occassion. Sexy pums go with formal dresses as well as casual wear outfits. You can even create your very own look and style with the cool colors and design patters on these shoes. Being a trend setter is alot of work however the fruit of your labors are rewarding but maintaining them can be a killer.

Latreia – Roxy – Rainbow
 photo Latreia-RoxyRainbow_zpsd3000e5d.png

Latreia – Roxy – Rave
 photo Latreia-RoxyRave_zps63b80821.png

Latreia – Roxy – Artisan
 photo Latreia-RoxyArtisan_zpsf3e50af5.png

Latreia – Roxy – Peacock
 photo Latreia-RoxyPeacock_zps6b55b6df.png

Latreia – Roxy – Streak
 photo Latreia-RoxyStreak_zpsbcff7262.png

Latreia – Roxy – Bubble
 photo Latreia-RoxyBubble_zpsc00f025e.png


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