Hey Jealousy!

Latreia- Jealousy – is styled to show all 9 pairs of shoes, there is no styling card for them as they are shoes and I’m wanting to keep the focus on the shoes verses a whole outfit.

Latreia- Jealousy ColorChange

 photo Latreia-JealousyColorChange_zps7d43d251.png

Latreia- Jealousy White

 photo Latreia-JealousyWhite_zps43013620.png

Latreia- Jealousy Black

 photo Latreia-JealousyBlack_zps86e9aedf.png

Latreia- Jealousy Teal

 photo Latreia-JealousyTeal_zps9756cb51.png

Latreia- Jealousy Pink

 photo Latreia-JealousyPink_zps62dc7caa.png

Latreia- Jealousy Red

 photo Latreia-JealousyRed_zpsa02831f2.png

Latreia- Jealousy Plum

 photo Latreia-JealousyPlum_zpsf943a8b3.png

Latreia- Jealousy Nude

 photo Latreia-JealousyNude_zpsd50537da.png

Latreia- Jealousy Green

 photo Latreia-JealousyGreen_zpsa1e749c4.png


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