The Sexy Woodland Huntress

Woodland Huntress outfits come in a variety of colors as well as looks, each gown has a long skirt, a bikini set (top and panties), and a fringed skirt. I’ll show each piece from the Woodland Huntress outfit in its various colors ans piece sets of the outfits such as Full gown, Bikini and Bikini with fringe skirt in other colors verses showing each piece in all the colors offered.

The first three (3) images are the entire outfit in Chocolate…Gown, Bikini and Bikini with fringed skirt









Outfit: Showing ALL colors of the Woodland Huntress Set
Jewelry:Alienbear Valentine set
Shoes: N-core OBSESSION XtremeHeel II “Fatpack” BOXED
Nails:[Bamboo] Nails – Dart
Hair: Osmosis – This store is no longer around
Skin: Glam Affair – Cassiopea – Jamaica – Tesea
Eyes: pc eyes – classic gen4 – m/r – calm sea


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