The Princess Weds Her Prince

Son!a Darling wedding white gold
Outfit:Son!a Darling wedding white gold
Jewelry:Alienbear – BijouxOr Design (Gold Moscou set white)
Hair:Vanity Hair::Eden HP blonds
Shoes: N-core FEMME “Champagne” BOXED
Skin:[Atomic] Grace Skin_Buff – Electric (TDR Blue Exclusive)
Eyes: pc eyes – classic gen4 – m/r – calm sea
Nails: [Bamboo] Nail Hud -Naturals

Zeke & Violet - CS6 Me Plz (Named) (2)

Like all fairy tales with its joyful happy ending, mine started with a good friend who became my lover, confidant and shoulder to cry upon. Don’t forget to add several years of freindship into that mix. Zeke has always been the man I’ve run to in all of my darkes moments. August 26th 2012 Was the day I married my best friend and my soulmate, we just celebrated our first anniversary on August 26 2013. And it all started with a beautiful dress from Son!a’s.
This is the very dress I wore when I married My darling husband Zeke. It’s been the dress of my dreams. As the glass slipper was to cinderella at that fateful stroke of midnight….Had she not lost that shoe she wouldn’t have ever gotten her prince charming. Had I not had a friend like Zeke, I wouldnt have ever sent that email that brought hinto SecondLife that fateful night when I needed him most….I’d probably never got to experience having the most beautiful marriage in all of my life. I have met my soulmate and I have married him.
(In Itallian)
Tu sei mio marito oggi, sarà mio marito tomrrow e sempre. Lei è stato tutto quello che ho cercato per la mia ricerca è finita. Sono orgogliosa di essere la tua sposa e rimarrà per sempre fedele. Io sono il più felice che io abbia mai visto in vita mia. Quando abbiamo detto “Lo voglio” mi fai la donna più felice del mondo, a causa di tutte le donne che avrebbero potuto avere me che volevi e mi hai scelto per il tuo. Itruely sono fortunata ad avere un marito così incredibile, io ti amo.

(Translated to English)
You are my husband today, will be my husband tomrrow and always. You have been everything that I have been searching for, my search is over. I’m proud to be your bride and will remain forever faithful. I’m the happiest that I have ever been in my life. When we said “I Do” you make me the happiest woman alive, because out of all the women you could have had you wanted me and you chose me for your own. Itruely am blessed to have such an amazing husband, I love you.



2 thoughts on “The Princess Weds Her Prince

  1. Lovely dress! And I have always loved this song and the video. Back in the ’80’s, I think I played the video a thousand times myself.

    • I grew up in the 80’s, was born in the early 70’s and in my opinion there was no better tim period the music was amazing the fashion was awesome and life was easier. If Icould relive the period as we as take the current knowledge I have with me, I so would!

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