One last Reminder, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month….Are you aware?

Save the girls - Breast Cancer awareness - Oct

Be sure to call your buddy, mother, sister, or whoever you are on the buddy system with and remind each other to do your self exam breast exams and if you find anything that is abnormal to your last self exam to contact your Doctor….The only way to defeat Breast Cancer is to battle it head on we can beat this! Make sure to ask your Doctor questions, learn all you can. Knowledge of your body and knowledge from your primary care Doctor can save your life. Early detection is the best defense we have right now against Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer is one of the leading killers of women along side of Cervical Cancer and over all cancer. We can take charge and kick cancer’s butt. We have the power, we have to tools available for us and knowledge is key. So let’s get out there and save the girls! This is one fight we don’t have to fight alone, we have many sisters who have the fire to fight Breast Cancer and kick it. Let’s get out there and beat this ugly beast!

Recapping previous Breast Cancer Awareness Blog


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