Trick Your Inner Zombie Out This Halloween With Bamboo Nails!

That’s right Halloween costumes for the thrifty ones who don’t want to spend alot of Lindens or any lindens for a great costume, this Halloween trick your nails out in Halloween goodness with Bamboo Nails’s Zombie Nails….They are perfect detail for any good Zombie costume. All the items in this blog are FREE!! You can pick the skin and dress up on Marketplace, the nails at Bamboo nails (2 sets in this months group gift offer and its free to join the group). The eyes you can pick up at Madrid Solo for this October’s group gifts (there is 2 different sets so be sure to grab them both). The hair will likely be harder to track down as I believe it was a free gift pack from 2012 Hair Fair, so this one could be tricky but I’m sure you can apply your own little twist to the zombie look, after all it is your Halloween costume, you don’t want to look identical and be a cloned copy.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Zombie Nails By Bamboo Nails
Outfit:.::KL Couture::. The Zombie Bride/ Gift FREE
Hair:*C:K* FREE – Curious Kitties Summer Hair Gift Pack (Hairfair)
Skin:Corvus : Zara Skin (Zombie Skin) FREE
Eyes: Madrid Solo -October Special Grp Gift! (unpacked)
Nails: [Bamboo] Nail Hud – Zombie
All items listed are free some limited to the month of Oct and will
vanish Nov 1st so if you want any of them hurry!


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