Yo Bitch!

FB - Bitch - NEW
I sent this adorable outfit out as a bloggers Item for Fashion Nights And Forbidden Butterfly Bloggers as it is a new release from Forbidden Butterfly. Everyone is raving about Bitch! I was IM’d by Steele Sirnah who needed the pants for an outfit for a magazine he was doing, he has seen and heard about Bitch! from his friend Carla clardines (my apologize in advance on any miss-pelt names ❤ ) who was blogging them for Forbidden Butterfly. He quoted her as saying she was having fun styling the outfit and it was Bitchen! So I went and put Bitch on Marketplace,She is live on marketplace and inworld at the Forbidden Butterfly Boutique located here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Perrinton/112/177/22
The Marketplace Store SLURL is: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/72545
You will also find the new Sweet $69L Weekend Sales Kiosk there, we provide information to all who purchase the info pack for $0L, you can get set up there, you simply read contents, fill out submission form then return to the site to drop the submission notecard into the Sweet $69L Weekends Mailbox then Pay the Kiosk for the 2 required listings and we will do the rest! You Will be responsible for spamming it in your own group as well as any other group you are allowed to spam. You will also see that Fashion Nights is there too! We’re still looking for bloggers for Fashion Nights and Forbidden Butterfly so please fill out the application located here: http://violetcrushbravin.wordpress.com/bloggers-application-for-forbidden-butterfly/
And we will be in touch soon!! Fashion Nights isnt only a syndicated blog but we do biweekly events as you see the vendors in the shop. You purchase the vendor for listed price theres two diffrent prices as there are two diffrent size vendors (DO NOT REMOVE THE VENDOR AFTER PURCHASE) One purchased just go into edit and load the vendor and set your saale price, prices are indicated in the info pack, please do not chinch on the offerings, customers want cute and quality not quick and noobish.

We hope that you will love the new Stores, Boutiques and new shop set up for the stores, blogs and more!


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