Random Silks

I’ve thumbed through some blogs lately…More than one which is surprising. Let’s just say it’s been enough to cause me nightmares, ok? For some twisted reason to a point it’s obserd, women blogging silks think that wearing boot…Yes, I said BOOTS with silks is fashionable…..Ladies….STEP AWAY FROM THE BOOTS! Boot’s DON’T look good or go with silks!


Why on Earth would silks be considered boot wearing outfits?

Typically they are used in Belly Dancing, Strippers in Strip Clubs, Arabian Harems and have found a home with Gor Whores across the grid. At no time do you see BOOTS on any of the parties feet. Your likely to see BARE FEET on the majority of them and in Strip Clubs, Belly Dancing you’ll see High Heels on the women wearing them. and maybe even Arabian Harems you might see High Heel Shoes. Gor Whores are ALWAYS BARE FOOT.

So boot loving ladies who are opting to wear silks…. DON’T PAIR THEM IT LOOKS LIKE ASS AND IS NOT FASHION!
It’s about as fashionable as Neko is….Neither one is Fashion. Only in idiot’s mind does Neko fashionable, but that’s a whole other rant. Futurewise, just remember to take the boots off when wearing Silks because boots and silks are like car grease on a white T-Shirt….Stands out like a smashed thumb.

Ways to actually wear silks that work well…..

Semi Formal would suggest Heels as shown or Barefoot

Most likely would recommend Barefooted

Most likely would recommend Barefooted

Most likely would recommend Heels or Barefooted

The Formal Wear Silk – High Heels or Barefoot

Proper ways to wear Silks, if you want to wear boot’s with your silks and look like a complete and utter douche please do we will make sure we’re laughing our asses off at you!


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