For The Love Of Fun & Fantasy

Deviance  - Enchantress -Byzantium - Face

Deviance  - Enchantress -Byzantium- Full

I just realized as I was getting ready to remove this outfit and look from my avatar, I don’t get out alot and play. I usually work all the time. Once in a while I will let my hair down and dress out in a theme to go to my daughters work with her just for the hell of it to kick back and relax. It occured to me I’ve not done this full blown for sometime, when I go it is 3 generations of females that I go with….My daughter Cassi and my grandaughter Tersa and of course…Myself. Foolish “fuckery” as we call it is really the remedy to rejuvinate ones soul. We went with a running joke in hand which turned out to us changing our Display names for about a week, no harm no foul and no one gets hurt. No I won’t explain the inside joke about our name but it is wicked funny to be in a crowed and yell…Tabooger! and there is three of you with the display name of Tabooger. lol anyways without further blah blah blah here’s the look I had for my awesome fantasy creature…You decide what she is, is she Fairy, Maige, Elf or something more complicated and glorious? All I know is, I had fun! Thank you Cassi and Tersa your both wicked fun, I love you girls to bits! Go Tabooger! lol
Outfit: Deviance – Enchantress -Byzantium
Makeup: #adored – loorde liner, -Belleza- FLF Neon Eyeliners, .:Glamorize:. Sumptuous Lips – 30 Colors, .:Glamorize:. Lip Sheen Lip Gloss Tattoo Layers – 3 Types
Ears: *~*Illusions*~* Sylph Ears
Slink Feet:! Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Flat !
Jewelry: Came with outfit as it’s attached to the cloke
Hair:Adoness – Floral Rhea – Chart Sale
Skin:.:Glamorize:. Cybil Fairy Skin
Eyes: pc eyes classic – cosmic dawn
Nails: [Bamboo] Nail Hud – Pastels


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