Enter The Royal Chamber…The Royal Chamber Of Sex, Lust & Love! (Sexxx Sells – Siren Productions)

This bedroom outfit looks beautiful in our bedroom!
Here is a picture of just the bed and night stands in Zeke and my bedroom…Yes were pretty vanilla as you will see our bedroom has a Play Pin for our Daughter Katheryn, a pose stand for me to primp, a round table with a silver vase full of purple flowers sitting on top of it and a fireplace lol like I said were pretty vanilla people :p But hey you get a peek at part of the house anyways hehe..Who knows I may take picks and blog the house next just so you can all see our amazing home and its vanillaness :p
I found the menu to be really easy and the color options is nice that way it can suit your mood or even your houses decor, you don’t have to use all the pieces as using ALL the pieces can have a significant impact on your land prims, however if you elect to use all the pieces they are very finely crafted and truly beautiful, well worth the lindens!
A true must have!!
(This photo is a MOCK bedroom, this isn’t our house, its a built box to look like a bedroom…4 prims of mind bending wtf lol)
J.L. Designs - Royal Bedroom Set - Blogger Pack 1

.::: J.L. Designs Royal XCITE RLV Sexbed – Platinum 2.0 :::.

Prims & Permissions
• Bedroom set includes items below and feature a high detail design and realistic open/close drawers!
•Bed – 31 prims
•Curtains – 12 prims
•Nightstands – 8 prims Each
•Lamps – 8 prims Each
•Dresser – 26 prims
•Bench – 9 prims
•Wardrobe – 21 prims
• Permissions – COPY / MOD / No Transfer. This bed is Copy and Modify. That means you can modify the different parts of the bed itself. The contents of the bed (scripts, animations and rezzable props) are not modifiable or transferable.

J.L. Designs is happy to present the NEW Platinum Edition Animations Engine. The Platinum Edition is powered by the latest version of the reliable Xpose Engine and features 556 poses with 1086 animations from some of Second Life’s finest creators.

If you are looking for pleasure and want a item that stands out from the rest then this is the bedroom set to do it with. Alot of detail and attention was put into creating a fairy tale atmosphere for you and give to you the most realistic and pleasureable experience possible. Whatever mood your in, you will find something in this bed to satisfy your needs. From cuddling to something a lot more hardcore or maybe even a little kinky. Beautifuly sculpted and textured furniture that stands out from the rest. This is not just another bed.

Many months have been spent making this well organized and very easy to use menu. This bedroom set is 100% XCite! compatible and will react with your Xcite parts both male and female. Male tilt angles have been preset so all poses line up where they should. Our texture changing system will provide many different fabric and wood combinations for you to customize the look and feel to match just about any room you use it in. Full RLV function to add to your experence. You don’t have to use RLV if you don’t wish to, the bed will function just the same without it.

J.L. Designs Platinum 2.0 Sex Engine Features:
• 1086 Quality Sensual Animations
• 556 poses loaded (636 defined)
• 104 Well laid out and easy to navigate menus.
• 52 Rezzable Objects and 59 Give Items for you to use.
• Latest version of the reliable Xpose Engine for smooth operation and minimal script impact on sim usage.
• Facial animations and Xcite! ON / OFF options.
• Setting controls for who can access your menu (Owner Only / Group / All)
• EASY to adjust positions using XPOSE bars to fit different Avatar heights/sizes. (see help notecard)
• XCite! Compatible – automatically adjusts arousal levels and genital tilt for a realistic experience.
• Unique Color and Texture changing system lets you change the look and feel of the whole set with a simple intergrated menu system. Even on unlinked set pieces. (Dresser, Chest etc.)
• Full RLV Capture Menu. Choose a pose, use the RLV menu to search and capture your submissive. Your partner will be captured if RLV is active. The menu will be locked for your partner and they will not be able to access this until you have unlocked the menu via RLV sub-menu. Your partner will be unable to stand or teleport while locked/captured. Many features for you to explore and discover.

Along with many other very nice features your sure to love!!


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