The Sexiest Table I Ever Seen! (Sexxx Sells – Siren Productions)

Each item from the explicite :: Basic instinct shed to the eXplicite:: Erotica sex table has it’s very own unique personality to suit all your…Intimate needs *Grins wickedly* I had asked my loving husband to acompany me in the photos however he wasn’t really into the (PDA) Public Display of Affection…Well at least not that deep into it lol…Even though he corrected me and said “PDA is fine I’m not in to Voyeurism, which I do tend to agree lol I’m not into it myself I said it would be clothed he said nah pass lol so I chose a sexy little pose that was in the solo menu on both items but I asure you they are quite fun lol, Yes, Zeke and I had a private go checking them out so yes they are quite fun and you really should pick the one up that you fancy the most, we prefered the table to the shed however both are rather unique and fun. Here is some product notes giving you some insigh on the Menu’s of each item shown.
table 2

Table 1

At eXplicite DesignS We offering high quality furniture with the best quality animations at affordable price.
Our work crafted with high quality and intricately detailed textures.

ANIMATIONS all arranged in easy to navigate menus. Carefully selected from the best animators in SL, and configured with facial expressions.

High Quality Animations Sets

== (Romantic, Sensual, Single, Rough, Erotic, BDSM, 3Some)
== (Cuddles, Kisses, Talking, Before & After Sex Menus )
Menus crafted to take you from the Most Romantic Sensual feelings to the wild, Rough, Erotic, BDSM & more….

= Includes 7 Hand Free Premium Menus ( 7 SEX-PLAYS Menus-Circling full menu ” enjoying sex
without the need to touch the menu you can pick from 7 SEX-PLAYS Menus with 2 speed option)
=Menu Build in Props(12+ Props *ex. Table,Cage.Hanger & Others* Automatically rezzed
= With poses for Erotic, Rough. BDSM & SEX-PlAYS)

= Erotic whispers in local chat, Controlled by chat on/off
= Toys Menu Option
= Fast Loading, High Performing Animation
= Pose Adjust ( Easy Pose adjustment to fit your avatar size)
= Advanced Access & Control of your menu
= (Access & Control your menu with “Owner only”, “Group” or “All”)

Easy operation and pose adjustments.
Owner may set to use by owner only/group/all
Facial animations can be set ON / OFF


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