Dancing The Night Away! (My-HipHop-12 By – MyANIMATIONS)

I’m not doing any graphical touch ups on these photos and the reason being is because I want the RAW photo shown so it doesn’t distort any of the movements of the dance. Granted it isn’t going to be like a flashing .gif file lol. Let your minds eye carry you through the movements and visualize a “.gif file” in your mind :p

I chose the My-HipHop-12 Dance by MyANIMATIONS
I liked the smooth transition and I’m always looking for something new…I get both with this dance!
MyANIMATIONS has many animations to choose from, they offer dances and poses too so if you model, you can pick up model poses there in the Modeling Sections of the store. They provide you with a HUD that will teleport you to whatever department you seek. One thing I find extremely hard is to choose from all the amazing dances…I simply can’t afford them all!

If you’d like to check out their store, I suggest that you do, all you need to do is scroll down my blogroll locate them and click itk will bring up a teleport LM in your Viewer. Click and go! Happy Dancing & Posing madness!










On an ending note….
I was in a club and I tried to get my setting correctly but I’m not quite sure I have them worked out properly but I will manage to get them ironed out by my next post from MyANIMATIONS that is for sure!

What we have is a darker version going into lighter aspects but the damn fog machine I think has made a slight haze over all the photos. So, future FYI turn Fog/Particles OFF. I find this a challenging sort of blog anyways and I’m bloging it, but I will mater it!! I’m determined. It’s a work in progress as I’ve not blogged “living avatars” meaning movements while they are moving.


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