On Hell Of A Hot Ass Bike!

Ok, so I decided it was a good idea to park in an empty cafe…There was no one there and the doors wasnt locked. So I got bored waiting to cause some trouble so I curled up on the bike and took a nap prior to going back home. And I got home just in time too…Just in time to catch my brother Trent! Yay!! I has help!
My brother Trent popped in to see me for a few minutes so I conned him into helping me out briefly on this blog.
Ok, so…Trent is NOT looking for a girlfriend he’s a happily married man with 2 lil monsters that I get to kidnap once in a while for my own purposes and then to send them home as holy terrors..Him and his wife love when i do that hahaha NOT, but hey that’s a perk of being his sister. So these poses are pretty tame.
Ok, so the poses are pretty tame but still adorable…Hey it’s my brother I loves mah brother…Just not that well.

Female: Mrs. VioletCrush Freak
Male: Mr. Trent Ghost – My Brother

eXplicite  HOtBOy Fantasy Savage BIKE 7
eXplicite  HOtBOy Fantasy Savage BIKE 3
eXplicite  HOtBOy Fantasy Savage BIKE 1
eXplicite  HOtBOy Fantasy Savage BIKE 4
eXplicite  HOtBOy Fantasy Savage BIKE 2
eXplicite  HOtBOy Fantasy Savage BIKE 6
This set of photos are more indepth of what sorts of fun you can have on this bike *Winks*
hot boy side 13
hot boy side 12
hot boy side 11
hot boy side 10
hot boy main
hot boy adult main
hot boy side 2
hot boy side 9
hot boy side 8
hot boy side 7
hot boy side 6
hot boy side 5
hot boy side 4
hot boy side 3
hot boy side 17
hot boy side 16
hot boy side 15
hot boy side 14
hot boy side 1
Ok, so now you’ve seen all we can show you now you can see just what your getting into when you buy this HOT “BAD” BOY! You will be impressed with all the fun little things you can do with that special someone…Or that hot handyman around the house. Licks her lips and thinks to her self Rawwrrrr!

There is several stages of poses and animations with this Bike. It’s rather awesome with all the things it will do. You go from Lovey Dovey right on into rough lets get it done!

Here are some of the photos (total of 14 photos to paint that lustful image for you) that came with the Bike with some more defined images depicting more of the fun annimations you can explore with that special someone that reves up your motor varooom varooooooooom!

Now here is some information about the bike that will tell you more of what your looking nad and will tease you into making that hot little purchase that will set your nights a blaze on them old dusty bike trails!

:: eXplicte Designs
:: HOtBOy Fantasy Savage BIKE
Mesh , Low Prims

This Bike One of The Kind, Unparalleled Romantic, Sexy, BDSM, Rough, Hard Exquisite Naughtiness. Thrilling Adult Couple Animations, Scandalous BDSM on Bike / off Bike Animations.

Sweet, Soft, Cuddle, Dance Animation to Wild Rough Crazy Animations Selected for ,Realism & Diversity. So Have a Sex-Ride on the Wild Wide.

Changeable 7 Different Bike colors.

ANIMATIONS all arranged in easy to navigate menus. Carefully selected from the best animators in SL, and configured with facial expressions.

High Quality Animations Sets

== (Romantic, Sensual, Single, Rough, Erotic, BDSM, 3Some)
== (Cuddles, Kisses, Talking, Before & After Sex Menus )
Menus crafted to take you from the Most Romantic Sensual feelings to the wild, Rough, Erotic, BDSM & more….

= Includes 7 Hand Free Premium Menus ( 7 SEX-PLAYS Menus-Circling full menu ” enjoying sex
without the need to touch the menu you can pick from 7 SEX-PLAYS Menus with 2 speed option)
=Menu Build in Props(12+ Props *ex. Table,Cage.Hanger & Others* Automatically rezzed
= With poses for Erotic, Rough. BDSM & SEX-PlAYS)

= Erotic whispers in local chat, Controlled by chat on/off
= Toys Menu Option
= Fast Loading, High Performing Animation
= Pose Adjust ( Easy Pose adjustment to fit your avatar size)
= Advanced Access & Control of your menu
= (Access & Control your menu with “Owner only”, “Group” or “All”)

Easy operation and pose adjustments.
Owner may set to use by owner only/group/all
Facial animations can be set ON / OFF


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