Purple-licious Baby!

As most have figured out by now I am a Purple freak lol. If the name doesn’t suggest it enough already and if you do scroll back through 600+ posts and see a rainbow of variety in Purples, lavenders and violets oh my! lol my Zeke knows this all too well as well. He does buy me Purple pretty things even if he will benefit from it, it’s because he knows no matter what I wear, I will take pride in my looks so that I am beyond sexy for him. He knows this to be true on anything he buys me or that I pick up personally. It’s because I want my hubby to be proud to have me on his arm dancing or snuggled together with him under the sheets, anyway and anywhere he and I may go or be.
Outfit ~Blacklace~ Kindle Violet 3 Piece Set Updated 16
Outfit:~Blacklace~ Kindle Violet 3 Piece Set Updated 16
Skin:Lara Hurley Skin-Happy Valentine’s Day
Eyes: pc eyes classic – cosmic dawn
Nails: [Bamboo] Nail Hud – Natural
See much more here https://violetcrushbravin2012.wordpress.com/


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