You know how you become partial to something and the old saying “Old habits are hard to break”? Well that is where I am with this blog and my old yet revamped new blog. I want to use them both! So….What I have decided to do is, I will continue to use this blog along with the other one located here Because I like that blog and it is in fact my oldest blog. This blog will be my Secondairy blog, meaning most content will be posted to that one but I will in deed post here as well, like a “syndicate” of sorts. I love the use of layouts, fonts and the freedoms of Blogspot. So, this one is my “secondairy” Blogspot is my “first” That just means you will have to watch and check them both. Content per blog will very of course. I will see if I can’t find a way to connect the blogs…I am determined that is for sure. I’ll have some new content for you soon, promise!


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