Ok, lol this is in response to another blog (and just for fun)

You can see where this is coming from lol.

Sexual Questions: (for RL and/or SL)

What is your sexual orientation or do you not like to label yourself? I’d prolly say heterosexual, although I have been involved with a female in the passed. (Surprise, Surprise, Surprise, I know big shocker) Guess I’m not as predictable as you all thought huh :p

Name a physical attribute that you find attractive or sexy. I love dark sexy bedroom eyes, it’s the eyes that draw you into the person that makes me melt.

Are you promiscuous, a prude or in between? No, I’ve never been promiscuous in RL, I went through a phase on SL but in RL I tend to respect myself far more than to be labeld by men as a whore.

What turns you on? I have this…Well I call it a fetish not sure if it is or not, dont care lol I just like it. But I love for a guy to whisper to me, doesnt have to be my name or anything just a cute, sexy conversation basically prior to engaging in anything a little warmer because I will be pretty warm by the end of the convo goes lol. My turn on in SL, is pretty much being truthful and being true to yourself as well as being true to others. Makes a world of a diffrence. Which is way my RL and SL ex and I broke up, they cant be true to anything including themselves let alone anyone else, but hey I wish em luck.

Are you dominant or submissive? Yes and no. In the bedroom I am somewhat, I like a my partner to be in control in the bedroom, any other time absolutely not. I’m the same in SL as I am in RL here.

Are you into sexual roleplay? I have done some sexual rolpay in RL. Was a rape type RP but in order to do an RP like this you really have to trust your partner. It’s not something you just say to some random guy/girl. You have also got to have a safe word and make sure both parties understand that if the safe word is used by either person you then stop NOW not when the other person is disturbed. In SL, no I find it really redundant because with SL isnt it al large rolplay anyways? So to “add more” just makes it redundant and over the top in my opinion.

Which sexual position is your favorite? I like to be on the bootom, as I said I like my partner to be in charge in the sack. Rl and SL are the same

Do you have any fetishes? to my knowledge, no I’m pretty vanilla. I have tried the spicier sides in SL but to be honest…I prefer my vanilla. Sorry nothing epic here.

Have you or would you do porn, amateur or professional? No, I find it wicked funny and down right cheesy so no I wouldnt consider it in SL or RL, not for me.

Do you consider yourself sexy? My rl self, no. Now my avi hell yeah I wanna do her myself loool

Ok, there is my answers to Straberry’s Meme haha I hope you enjoyed it and well learned something about me that either shocks you or bores you to tears loool. Hey, I dont have anything to hide we can’t judge each other only God can judge us in the end lol so for me to care what anyone thinks. I don’t lol As Rhet Butler said in Gone With The Wind. “Frankly my darling, I dont give a damn” Thats just the way I feel about it too lol. I will be posting more blogs within the next few days too, they will either be posted here or on the old yet new blog (ikr thats so confusing lol). Have a good one!


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